Sec. 14-14-10. Removal from the rotation list.

(a) The chief may remove a towing operator from the rotation list on any of the following grounds:
(1) A finding that a towing operator falsified any portion of its application or failed to include required or important information on the application;
(2) A finding that the towing operator has failed to comply with or violated any of the terms or conditions of either this article, the towing services agreement or the rules and specifications;
(3) A finding that the towing operator has engaged in misconduct or a pattern of behavior, by or through its agents or otherwise, that is either inconsistent with the goals of providing quality service to the community or not in the best interests of the city or its residents.
(b) If the towing operator does not agree with the chief’s decision to remove the towing operator from the rotation list, it may file an appeal with the city manager, following the procedures set forth in Section 14-14-8 of this article. (Ord. No. 1381, § 3 (part).)