Sec. 14-13-6. Suspension of permits.

The chief of police may, following twenty-four hours notice, suspend any operator’s permit, driver’s permit or vehicle permit if:
(a) A taxicab or vehicle for hire is operating without required insurance or registration or is being operated by an unlicensed or unpermitted driver;
(b) A fact exists which would have been grounds for refusing to issue the permit;
(c) There has been a violation of any of the terms of this article; or
(d) There is damage to, or mechanical malfunction of, a taxicab or vehicle for hire such that it cannot be operated safely.
Such permit suspension shall be lifted upon a showing that the violations have been corrected. If no such showing is made within a reasonable time, depending on the type of violation, the city may issue a notice of revocation and proceed as set forth in this article. It is unlawful for the permittee to exercise any of the rights granted under this article during the time that the permit is suspended, provided that the notice of suspension contains facts supporting a finding that the continued operation of the business, the continued operation of a taxicab or vehicle for hire, or possession of a driver’s permit represents an unsafe condition for the public, and the chief of police so concludes. (Ord. No. 1399, § 3 (part).)