Sec. 14-13-5. Driver’s permits.

(a) Any person seeking to operate a taxicab or vehicle for hire as a driver shall apply for a permit in the manner set forth in this section. The application shall be in writing, signed by the driver, and shall set forth all the information required in the permit application form including, but not limited to, the following:
(1) Name, age and address of the applicant;
(2) Any convictions in any court of any state of the United States or in any United States court, including any conviction following a plea of no contest or nolo contendere. City council specifically authorizes the chief of police or designee to receive state and local summary criminal history information in fulfilling the licensing duties under this article;
(3) Applicant’s past experience in operating a motor vehicle;
(4) Applicant’s current California Class C driver’s license number and a photocopy of that license; including any endorsement pursuant to Vehicle Code Sections 15275 and 15278 to operate a commercial motor vehicle;
(5) Name and address of all employers during the five calendar years preceding the application;
(6) The disclosure of whether any state driver’s license, taxi driver’s permit or commercial or chauffeur’s driver’s license, issued by the state or any state or governmental agency, held by the applicant has ever been revoked or suspended;
(7) Name and address of the operator by whom he or she is employed as a driver, or for whom he or she intends to operate a taxicab or vehicle for hire;
(8) Current certificate of negative test for drugs and alcohol from a city-approved lab, as required by Government Code Section 53075.5;
(9) Two recent photographs of the driver (size one and one-half inch by one and one-half inch), one to be filed with the application and one to be permanently attached to the driver’s permit when issued;
(10) State Department of Motor Vehicles driving record report;
(11) A list of all jurisdictions in which the applicant is permitted to operate a taxicab or vehicle for hire, including the identification number and expiration date of each permit;
(12) Satisfactory proof that the insurance required by Section 14-13-8 of this article covers the driver when operating the taxicab or vehicle for hire;
(13) Assent to fingerprinting by the city’s police department; and
(14) Any other information the city may require which is reasonably related to the application for the driver’s permit.
(b) A driver’s permit shall be granted unless:
(1) The applicant fails to submit a complete application;
(2) The applicant makes any omission, untrue or material misstatement or provides fraudulent documentation with the application;
(3) Within the preceding three years Department of Motor Vehicle records of any state of the United States indicate that the department has taken administrative action which resulted in actual suspension or revocation of the applicant’s driver’s license, unless such suspension or revocation was based on a nondriving related matter;
(4) The applicant has violated this article within the last three years;
(5) There is an absence of satisfactory proof that the taxicab or vehicle for hire will be operated in compliance with the provisions of this article;
(6) The applicant has failed to maintain a valid California driver’s license; or
(7) The applicant has been convicted of any violent felony offense or sex-related offense within the preceding five years or any other felony offense or any misdemeanor offense involving sexual assault of any kind, violent behavior, moral turpitude, theft or fraud within the preceding three years, including any such convictions following a plea of no contest or nolo contendere, taking into consideration the nature of the conviction, the age of the applicant at the time of the conviction, any evidence of rehabilitation and the relationship of the conviction to the propriety of the applicant operating a taxicab or vehicle for hire.
(c) The issuance of a driver’s permit is conditional upon the driver ensuring that he or she will only operate a vehicle which has received a valid vehicle permit for an operator who has received a valid operator’s permit.
(d) The driver’s permit shall become void upon termination of such driver’s employment driving a taxicab or vehicle for hire, including termination of self-employment as an independent driver, and the driver shall immediately return the driver’s permit to the city upon such termination of employment.
(e) The issuance of a driver’s permit is conditioned upon the driver complying with the mandatory controlled substance and alcohol testing and program certification set forth in Government Code Section 53075.5.
(f) The chief of police may, in his or her discretion, grant a temporary permit to drive or operate any taxicab or vehicle for hire pending final action on any application for a permanent driver’s permit, but no such temporary permit may be issued to any person who does not have a valid, unrestricted driver’s license issued by the state. (Ord. No. 1399, § 3 (part).)