Sec. 14-13-4. Vehicle permits.

(a) No taxicab or vehicle for hire shall operate in the city without a vehicle permit from the city. Application for a vehicle permit shall be in writing, signed by the owner, and shall set forth all information required, including, but not limited to the following:
(1) A copy of the state vehicle registration under owner’s name, license plate number and corresponding vehicle identification number of each vehicle to be operated in the city;
(2) Make, model or type, year of manufacture and passenger-seating capacity of each motor vehicle for which such application is made; and
(3) Certificates of insurance from the insurance carrier verifying the coverage required in Section 14-13-8 of this article for each vehicle to be operated in the city.
(b) A vehicle permit shall be granted unless:
(1) The operator fails to submit a complete application;
(2) The operator makes any omission, untrue or material misstatement or provides fraudulent documentation with the application;
(3) The operator has violated this article within the last three years; or
(4) There is an absence of satisfactory proof of compliance with the provisions of this article.
(c) An applicant for a vehicle permit must hold a valid operator’s license issued pursuant to this article and must ensure that any driver of a taxicab or vehicle for hire has been issued a driver’s permit pursuant to this article. (Ord. No. 1399, § 3 (part).)