Sec. 14-13-1. Definitions.

“City” means the city of Woodland, California.
“Driver” means every individual who operates any taxicab or vehicle for hire as an employee of an operator, independently owns the taxicab or vehicle for hire and operates under the auspices of such operator, or has independently contracted with such operator to operate the taxicab or vehicle for hire pursuant to a lease, license or any other form of agreement.
“Employee” includes any person who is self-employed as an independent driver.
“Motor vehicle” means every motor vehicle used for public hire propelled by mechanically produced power and intended for use on public streets and highways, except street cars, trains and motor buses.
“Operator” means any entity engaged in the business of providing vehicles for the purpose of carrying passengers in a taxicab or other vehicle for hire, whether comprised of an individual, group of individuals, partnership, limited partnership, joint venture, corporation or any other organizational structure.
“Taxicab” means a motor vehicle which is designed for carrying not more than eight passengers, excluding the driver, which is used in the transportation of passengers over the public streets of the city and operated at rates per mile, per destination or per mile and destination, irrespective of whether the operations extend beyond the limits of the city, and which is made available for hire on call or demand, at taxi stands or by telephone.
“Vehicle for hire” means any motor or electric vehicle which is offered to the public for hire with the services of a driver, which is used for the transportation of passengers over the public streets of the city, irrespective of whether such operations extend beyond the boundary limits of the city, at rates per distance, per trip, per hour, per day, per week, per month and where the route is under the control of the persons hiring the same. “Vehicle for hire” shall not include a charter-party carrier of passengers within the meaning of the Passenger Charter-party Carriers’ Act, Article 8 (commencing with Section 5351) of Division 2 of the Public Utilities Code. “Vehicle for hire” includes taxicabs. (Ord. No. 1399, § 3 (part).)