Sec. 14-13-12. Equipment requirements.

(a) Every taxicab and vehicle for hire authorized by city permit must fulfill the following equipment requirements by possessing:
(1) A trunk device which will permit the opening of the trunk lid from the inside of the trunk;
(2) A permanent fixture to display the taxicab or vehicle for hire driver’s permit in prominent view of the passengers;
(3) No fewer than four working doors, except that a handicapped accessible mini-van may be used;
(4) A fire extinguisher;
(5) Four flares;
(6) At least two emergency reflectors;
(7) Spare tire and jack;
(8) Windows which patrons can open from the inside;
(9) Working headlights, taillights, turn-signals, back-up lights and brake lights;
(10) A light of not less than two candlepower within such vehicle, so arranged as to illuminate the entire passenger compartment. The light shall be kept constantly lighted at all times while any passengers are being loaded into or unloaded from any such vehicle from one-half hour after sunset of any day until one-half hour before sunrise of the next day, and no shades or blinds shall be drawn over the windows of any such vehicle while the same is occupied; and
(11) Safety belts in good working order for use of passengers.
(b) The operator must obtain a sworn statement, made by either the proprietor of a public garage engaged in auto repair who is licensed by the state or by a mechanic licensed by the state and employed by the applicant, who has inspected and examined such vehicles, that each taxicab and/or vehicle for hire used in its business complies with the above-listed requirements and is in safe operating condition.
(c) It is unlawful for any operator or driver to operate any taxicab or vehicle for hire while the same or any of the equipment used thereon or therewith is in a defective, unsafe or unsanitary condition. (Ord. No. 1399, § 3 (part).)