Sec. 14-13-10. Registration, licensing and conspicuous posting.

(a) All drivers shall carry their license to operate a motor vehicle in the state at all times while operating a taxicab or vehicle for hire in the city.
(b) All taxicabs and vehicles for hire within the city shall carry the State Department of Motor Vehicles registration in the vehicle at all times and all such vehicles shall be registered in the name of the operator or the driver to whom a permit has been issued.
(c) Every taxicab or vehicle for hire authorized to operate under this article shall have attached to the left rear window a current vehicle permit issued by the city in accordance with the provisions of this article and all expired permits will be removed.
(d) Every taxicab or vehicle for hire shall have conspicuously displayed in full view of the passenger or passengers a card not less than two inches by four inches in size which shall have stated thereon the name of the operator, together with the business address and telephone number of the business, and the identifying number of such vehicle, and also the rates of fare to be charged for the use of such vehicle. Rates of fare are also to be conspicuously displayed in both the front and rear of the interior of the taxicab or vehicle for hire.
(e) The driver’s permit shall be posted in full view of the passenger at all times while the driver is operating the vehicle. Every driver’s permit shall show the photograph of the driver, the driver’s permit number, the name of the operator which employs the driver and the telephone number of the business. (Ord. No. 1399, § 3 (part).)