Sec. 14-6-14. Parking of commercial trucks on private property.

Pursuant to Section 14A-1-3(b)(15) of the city code, it is a nuisance to park any commercial truck with an unladed vehicle weight in excess of ten thousand pounds on any private property zoned residential (R-1, R-2, N-P, T, R-M, or P-D) or commercial (C-1, CBD, C-2, or C-H), except that such parking shall not be considered a nuisance if it occurs on commercial property that is immediately adjacent to and accessible from a street on which commercial truck traffic is not limited pursuant to Section 14-8-3 or 14-8-4 of the city code, or on commercial property pursuant to a regularly scheduled pickup or delivery of goods, wares, merchandise, or materials for an approved construction project, or on commercial property on which truck parking is an incidental part of the principal or conditional permitted land use of the property, or if the commercial truck is an on-call tow vehicle designated pursuant to Section 14-1-18 of this code. (Ord. No. 1320 § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1457, § 3 (part).)