Sec. 14-7-10.4. Issuance of permits.

(a) Parking permits shall be issued under the direction of the police department. The police department shall have the authority to designate a permit-issuing agent. All permits issued by the permit-issuing agent shall follow the guidelines set by the police department and the requirements hereby set forth.
Each such permit shall be designed to state or reflect thereon the particular preferential parking area as well as permit number. The basic form of each permit shall be identical. No more than one parking permit shall be issued to each motor vehicle.
(b) Parking permits may be issued for motor vehicles only upon application of the following persons:
(1) A resident of a dwelling unit in the preferential parking area;
(2) A person who owns or leases commercial property and actively engages in business activity within a preferential parking area where the city council has authorized the issuance of such permits by resolution;
(3) A nonresident person who pays the nonresident fee in those areas where the city council has authorized the usage of nonresidential permits by resolution. (Ord. No. 1221, § 6 (part).)