Sec. 14-7-10.3. Designation process of preferential parking areas.

The study of feasibility for establishment of a preferential parking area may be initiated by the city council, traffic safety commission or traffic engineer based upon their own motion or based upon petition of interested persons. However, prior to initiation of a feasibility study, a permit-issuing agent, who would typically be located within or adjacent to the proposed district, shall be proposed by those requesting the preferential parking area. After initiation of such a study, the process for establishment of a preferential parking area is as follows:
(a) The traffic engineer shall undertake or cause to be undertaken such surveys or studies as are deemed necessary to determine whether the area is eligible to be a preferential parking area using the criteria set forth in Section 14-7-10.2.
(b) Following the completion of surveys or studies to determine whether designation criteria are met, the traffic engineer shall notice as herein provided a public hearing or hearings before the city's traffic safety commission on the subject of the eligibility of the area under consideration for designation as a preferential parking area. The hearing or hearings shall also be conducted for the purpose of ascertaining boundaries for the proposed preferential parking area as well as the appropriate regulations.
(c) Following the hearing provided for in subsection (b) above, the traffic safety commission shall recommend to the city council for or against the designation of the area under study as a preferential parking area. Such recommendation may also include a list of recommended conditions and regulations applicable to any area proposed for designation as a preferential parking area.
(d) Upon receipt of the traffic safety commission recommendation, the city council shall conduct a noticed public hearing. If the city council determines that the area in question should be designated a preferential parking area, it shall adopt a resolution establishing the program for the area in question including the boundaries, parking regulations, fees, if any, and other appropriate conditions. Thereafter, the program shall be implemented as hereinafter provided.
(e) Notice of the public hearing or hearings provided for herein shall be published in a newspaper published and circulated within the city at least ten days before the hearing date. The notice shall clearly state the purpose of the hearing, the location and boundaries tentatively considered for the proposed preferential parking area and, if applicable, the approximate permit fee to be charged therefor. During such hearing or hearings, any interested person shall be entitled to appear and be heard.
(f) Majority protest by the residents of the proposed preferential parking area will require a two-thirds vote of the council to override the protest and create the preferential parking area. (Ord. No. 1221, § 6 (part).)