Sec. 14-4-4. Application of certain vehicle code sections to privately owned streets and roads.

(a) By resolution the city council, pursuant to Section 22107.5 of the Vehicle Code, as it may be amended from time to time, may find and declare that certain privately owned and maintained roads as described in such resolution are within the city and are generally held open for use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel and so connect with highways that the public cannot determine that such roadways are not highways.
(b) Upon enactment of such resolution, the provisions of the Vehicle Code shall apply to any such privately owned and maintained road; except that:
(1) A resolution shall not be enacted pursuant to this section without a public hearing thereon and ten days' prior written notice to the owner of the privately owned and maintained road involved.
(2) An enacted resolution shall not apply to any road described therein on which the owner has caused to be erected a notice of such size, shape and color as to be readily legible during daylight hours from a distance of one hundred feet, to the effect that the road is privately owned and maintained and that it is not subject to public traffic regulations or control.
(3) The police department shall not be required to patrol or enforcement of any provisions of the Vehicle Code on any privately owned and maintained road subject to the provisions of the Vehicle Code under this section, except those provisions applicable to private property other than by action under this section.
(c) Resolutions enacted pursuant to this section shall be filed with the city clerk and shall be made available to the public upon request. (Ord. No. 938, § 1.)