Sec. 13-5-5. Automatic dialing devices prohibited.

No automatic dialing device shall be interconnected to a primary trunkline of the Woodland police department or the Yolo County communications center trunkline after the effective date of this article. Any such automatic dialing device so interconnected prior to the effective date of this article shall be disconnected no later than sixty days from the effective date of said article. The operator of the alarm system shall be responsible for having the device disconnected.
(1) Persons owning or leasing an automatic dialing device may have the device interconnected to a telephone line transmitting directly to:
(A) A central station; or
(B) A modified central station, which means an office to which alarm systems are connected, where operators supervise the circuits but where guards are not maintained to investigate alarm signals;
(C) An answering service.
(2) If the user of an automatic dialing device fails to disconnect the device, the city may cite the user for violation of this article. (Ord. No. 1188, § 2 (part).)