Sec. 13-5-10. Applications; confidentiality.

(a) Applications renewals and reapplications for alarm system permits shall be filed with the police chief on such forms as he may prescribe and include but not be limited to: such information:
(1) Name of the person applying for the permit;
(2) Address of the residence or business where the alarm system will be located;
(3) Applicants' telephone number and additional telephone numbers where the applicant can be reached in case of an emergency;
(4) The name, address and telephone number of the alarm company selling, installing, monitoring, inspecting, responding to or maintaining the alarm system;
(5) The name and telephone number of at least one other person (in the case of a corporate alarm user or business user, at least two persons) who can be reached at any time who is authorized to respond to an alarm and who can open the premises where the alarm has been activated.
Every alarm system permit shall be kept on the premises where the alarm system is installed for use.
(b) Any person who operates or maintains more than one alarm system upon any business or residential property may, at his option, apply for a single permit for that particular property or for separate permits for each alarm system operated or maintained on said property; provided, however, that if such person chooses to secure a separate permit for each alarm system, a separate permit fee shall accompany each such application. If one permit is obtained for a number of alarm systems at one location, false alarms by any combination of those alarm systems shall be counted towards the determination of excessive false alarms as provided by resolution of the city council. Where multiple permits exist for multiple systems at one address, false alarms will be charged to the proper permit or alarm system.
(c) The information furnished and secured pursuant to this article shall be confidential in character, shall not be subject to public inspection, and shall be kept so that the contents thereof shall not be disclosed except to persons charged with the administration of this chapter. (Ord. No. 1188, § 2 (part).)