Sec. 13-6-22. Sanitation and decency.

(a) Every portion of a massage establishment, including appliances and apparatus, shall be kept clean and be operated in a sanitary condition.
(b) All massage establishments shall be provided with clean laundered sheets and towels in sufficient quantity which shall be laundered after each use thereof and stored in a sanitary manner. Receptacles shall be provided for the storage of soiled linens and paper towels.
(c) Wet and dry heat rooms, shower compartments, and toilet rooms shall be thoroughly cleaned each business day. Bathtubs shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
(d) No massage establishment granted a permit under the provisions of this article shall place, publish or distribute, or cause to be placed, published or distributed, any advertising matter that depicts any portion of the human body that would reasonably suggest to prospective patrons that any service is available other than those services as described in the definition of “massage” in Section 13-6-3, nor shall any massage establishment indicate in the text of such advertising that any service is available other than those services as described in that definition of “massage.”
(e) No service enumerated in the definition of “massage” in Section 13-6-3 may be carried on within any separate cubicle, room, booth or area within a massage establishment, which is fitted with a door capable of being locked.
(f) All massage technicians shall wear garments which cover the entire body, exclusive of the head, neck, arms, legs, hands and feet, while giving a massage. The massage technician must be fully covered from a point not more than four inches above the center of the kneecap to the base of the neck, excluding the arms. Such garments shall not be transparent. (Ord. No. 1269, § 3 (part).)