Sec. 13-7-2. License application.

(a) Contents.
(1) Any person required to have or renew a license hereunder shall file a written application with the city police department upon a form prescribed by the police department. If the application is made by an individual, the contents of the application shall include the name and age of the applicant, his/her present address(es), and the name under which, and the place where, the applicant has conducted a similar business within twelve months immediately preceding the date of the application. He or she shall additionally affirm under penalty of perjury that the contents of the application are true and correct. If the application is made by a partnership, association or corporation, the application shall be completed by the general manager thereof, or by one having the authority of a general manager. In such case, the application shall state the true name of the organization, the organization’s effective date, its type, the location of its principal place of business, and the names and addresses of its officers or, in the case of a co-partnership, the names and addresses of all the partners.
(2) If applicable, in accordance with California Business and Professions Code Sections 12703 and 12733, the applicant shall attach to the application documentation that the applicant holds a current and active California Weighmaster License. A copy of the applicant’s current weighmaster license shall be displayed in a prominent location at each location where the applicant conducts business.
(3) The applicant shall acknowledge having read Penal Code Section 496a, which shall be prominently set forth on the application in bold type.
(b) Employee Identification. The applicant, at the request of the city of Woodland, shall submit, concurrently with its application, photographs and fingerprints of all the individuals who are to be engaged in the management of the business or in buying or otherwise acquiring articles for the business for which the license is requested. In the event any other person, after the license has been granted, is engaged in the management of the business or in buying or otherwise acquiring articles, the applicant shall furnish to the city of Woodland, at its request, the photograph and fingerprints of such person(s). No license shall be issued until any such demand has been complied with, and any license that has been issued shall be suspended or revoked if the applicant does not, within a reasonable time, comply with the provisions of this section.
(c) Investigation. Upon receipt of a completed application pursuant to this article, the application shall be immediately referred to the city’s department of planning and community development and the city’s department of environmental resources for the purpose of conducting any necessary investigation(s) concerning the legality of the information contained in the application and applicant’s business. These departments shall, after investigation, file a report with the police department designating whether or not the application is for a valid business. No applicant shall be granted a license under this article unless and until it has been determined that the applicant’s conduct or proposed conduct of the business does and will comply with all applicable laws and ordinances, including but not limited to those relating to the public health and zoning. These departments shall be allowed sixty days from the date of receiving a completed application within which to file the report. (Ord. No. 1490, § 5 (part).)