Sec. 13-1-24. Procedure when applicant fails to file correct information.

(a) If a person fails to file correct information or, if after demand by the collector, a person fails to file a corrected statement, the collector may determine the facts using the information available to him.
(b) When the collector makes the determination, he shall give a notice of those facts that he has determined by serving the notice personally or by mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the person at his last known address. Within ten calendar days after notice is served or mailed, the person may apply in writing to the collector for a hearing before the council on the facts which have been determined.
(c) The hearing shall be held within thirty calendar days of the date of the application for hearing. The collector shall mail notice of the hearing to the applicant at least ten calendar days before the hearing date.
(d) The council shall consider the evidence and shall make findings. The findings of the council are final. (Ord. No. 1006, § 2 (part).)