Sec. 13-1-19. Exemptions.

(a) This article does not apply to a person transacting and carrying on a business exempt by the Constitution or statutes of the United States or of the state from the payment of the fee prescribed.
(b) A person claiming an exemption under this section shall file a sworn statement with the collector stating the facts upon which exemption is claimed. In the absence of such statement substantiating the claim, the person is liable for the payment of the fee imposed by this article.
(c) Upon a proper showing contained in a sworn statement, the collector shall issue a license to a person claiming exemption under this section without payment to the city of the license fee required by this article. The exemption from payment of a license fee granted by this article, however, does not exempt the person conducting the business from complying with the permit requirements of this article.
(d) The collector, after giving written notice and a reasonable opportunity for hearing to a licensee, may revoke a license granted under this section upon information that the licensee is not entitled to the exemption as provided. (Ord. No. 1006, § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1304 § 8.)