Sec. 13-2-2. Licenses.

No person, as defined by Section 19802(c) of the Business and Professions Code, shall operate a gaming club without first obtaining a valid registration from the state of California Attorney General and maintaining the same during all times of operation and, subject thereto, next obtaining prior to such operation a business license therefor from the city and maintaining the same during all times of operation. Such business license shall issue subject to the following terms and conditions and, if issued, each licensee shall comply with the same as follows:
(1) The number of gaming clubs within the incorporated city shall not exceed the ratio of one gaming club for every five thousand population of the city as determined from the state-certified population at the time of application;
(2) Each request to license a gaming club shall be processed by the Woodland planning commission in the same manner and under the same standards, limitations and prohibitions applicable to a request for a conditional use permit;
(3) No more than two gaming tables with a maximum use of eight players per table shall be permitted on the premises used as a gaming club;
(4) The gaming club shall be separated from other activities, if any, on the premises; and
(5) Each applicant for a business license, and each business licensee, shall comply with the provisions pertaining to business licenses set forth in Article I of Chapter 13 of this city code. (Ord. No. 1065, § 2 (part).)