Sec. 12A-4-4. Criteria for evaluating application.

In reviewing and acting upon each application, the commission shall consider to the extent applicable, the following criteria:
(1) The historic value and significance, or the architectural value and significance, or both, of the designated historical landmark, the structure within a designated historical district, or the designated historical resource, and its relation to the historic value of the surrounding area;
(2) The relationship of the exterior architectural features of the structure to the rest of the structure itself and to the surrounding area;
(3) The general compatibility of the exterior design, arrangement, texture and material which is proposed by the applicant;
(4) Plans for structures which have little or no historical value or plans for new construction for their compatibility with surrounding structures;
(5) Conformance with guidelines and standards adopted by the commission;
(6) Conformance with the Woodland area general plan. (Ord. No. 1004, § 2; Ord. No. 1310 § 4 (part).)