Sec. 12A-4-3. Procedure upon application.

(a) Upon the filing of an application, the historical preservation commission shall cause an appropriate level of review to be conducted pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”). After such review has been completed, the secretary of the historical preservation commission shall set the matter for hearing and shall give written notice to the applicant and shall cause publication of notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the city of the date, time, and place of the hearing. The commission shall hold a public hearing and shall make its decision within six months from the date the application is filed with the community development department if an EIR is required or within three months if a negative declaration is required or if the proposal is determined to be exempt from CEQA. Approval of the application shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of the commission members present. If the commission fails to act within the foregoing time periods, the application shall be considered approved unless the applicant and the commission agree to an extension of time.
(b) At the conclusion of the hearing, the commission shall makes its decision and shall file a certificate of approval with the building official, or deny the application. No person may do any work upon a designated historical landmark or any structure within a designated historical district, or proceed to demolish a designated historical resource, which is the subject of an application, and the building official may not issue a building permit, until the commission files a certificate of approval.
(c) Approved work shall be completed within one year from the date of approval unless substantially undertaken before such period has elapsed and diligently pursued thereafter. (Ord. No. 1004, § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1310 § 4 (part).)