Sec. 11-1-5. Abandonment.

(a) No person shall abandon an underground storage tank or close or temporarily cease operating an underground storage tank except as provided in this section.
(b) An underground storage tank which is temporarily taken out of service, but which the operator intends to return to use, shall continue to be subject to all the permit, inspection, and monitoring requirements of this chapter, unless the operator complies with the provisions of section (c) of this section for the period of time the underground tank is not in use.
(c) No person shall close an underground storage tank unless the person undertakes all of the following actions:
(1) Demonstrates to the permitting authority that all residual amounts of the hazardous substance or hazardous substances which were stored in the tank prior to its closure have been removed, properly disposed of, and neutralized;
(2) Adequately seals the tank to minimize any threat to the public safety and the possibility of water intrusion into, or runoff from, the tank;
(3) Provides for, and carries out, the maintenance of the tank as permitting authority determines is necessary, for the period of time the permitting authority requires;
(4) Demonstrates to the permitting authority that there has been no significant soil contamination resulting from a discharge in the area surrounding the underground storage tank or facility. (Ord. No. 1043, § 1 (part).)