Sec. 11-1-19. Appeal hearing.

(a) Not later than fifteen days following the date of filing an appeal within the time and in the manner prescribed by Section 11-1-6, the hearing authority shall conduct a hearing for the purpose of determining whether the appeal should be granted. Written notice of the time, date and place of the hearing shall be served upon the appellant not later than ten days preceding the date of the hearing.
(b) During the hearing, the burden of proof shall rest with the appeal. The provisions of the California Administration Procedure Act (commencing at Section 11500 of the Government Code) shall not be applicable to such hearing; nor shall formal rules of evidence in civil or criminal judicial proceedings be so applicable. At the conclusions of the hearing, the hearing authority shall prepare a written decision which either grants or denies the appeal, and contains findings of fact and conclusion. Notice of the written decision, including a copy thereof, shall be filed with the director of the health department and served upon the appellant not later than seven days following the date on which the hearing is closed. (Ord. No. 1043, § 1 (part).)