Sec. 11-1-17. Hearing authority.

Whenever the term “hearing authority” is used in this chapter, it shall be deemed to refer to one or more persons assigned the responsibility of conducting a hearing by the Yolo County administrative officer. The Yolo County administrative officer shall be authorized to assign hearing responsibility from time to time to either:
(a) County management personnel who the county administrative officer finds are qualified by training and experience to conduct such hearings;
(b) Any person or persons, qualified by training or experience, who the county administrative officer may employ or who are retained by contract to conduct such hearings; or
(c) Administrative Law Judges assigned by the State of California Office of Administrative Hearings.
The county administrative officer is authorized to contract in the name of the city for the retention of hearing services at rates which do not exceed financial limitations established by the city's annual budget. (Ord. No. 1043, § 1 (part).)