Sec. 9-10-6. Eligible applicant.

(a) No permit shall be issued under the terms of this section except to a nonprofit corporation or nonprofit unincorporated association physically located within the city limits whose principal purpose is youth service or youth welfare and which is currently providing at least some of the same for youth of the city of Woodland; including as illustrative of such an organization, but not limited thereto, the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Babe Ruth League, Little League and the YMCA. Permit applicants renewing from the previous year and who were not physically located within the city limits will be exempt from the requirement of this subject.
(b) A minimum of ninety percent of profits must be directly appropriated for youth activities. First-time permit applicants must submit a proposed financial statement and repeat permit applicants must provide accounting documentation from the previous year’s expenditures. Failure to comply will result in denial of the permit application. (Ord. No. 1489, § 5 (part).)