Sec. 9-10-3. Permit to sell fireworks.

Permit to sell fireworks required:
(a) No person shall sell fireworks within the city either at wholesale or retail without securing a permit from the Bureau of Fire Prevention.
(b) Each applicant for a permit shall file a written application with the Bureau of Fire Prevention showing the following information:
(1) Name, address and telephone of applicants;
(2) Facts establishing the applicant’s status as a qualified organization under the provisions of this chapter;
(3) Names and addresses of the officers of the applicant;
(4) Location where the applicant proposes to sell fireworks.
(c) Each applicant shall also meet the following requirements:
(1) Applications shall be made no later than the first Tuesday in April of each year;
(2) Applicants shall comply with all the requirements specified in the permit application.
(d) The permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the temporary stand, and shall be available if requested. (Ord. No. 1489, § 5 (part).)