Sec. 8B-3. Procedures and guidelines.

The city council shall, by resolution, adopt the procedures and guidelines necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter. The procedures and guidelines shall be consistent with the guidelines established by the secretary for resources, and shall provide for, but not be necessarily limited to, the following:
(a) The preparation, review, and approval of environmental impact reports for city initiated projects.
(b) The review and comment on of environmental impact reports or statements from other governmental agencies.
(c) The preparation, review and approval of environmental impact reports for private development on privately owned land for which a permit, lease, license, funding or other entitlement of use is required from the city.
(d) The reasonable opportunity for anyone interested in any project to review and comment upon environment impact report prepared by the city.
(e) Exemptions of various projects from the requirements of preparation of environmental impact reports.
(f) The preparation, notice of and filing of negative declarations. (Ord. No. 834, § 1 (part); Ord. No. 851, § 1 (part).)