Sec. 8A.640. Regulation of state video services franchisees.

Sections 8A.640 through 8A.690 of this chapter are designed to regulate video service providers holding state video franchises and operating within the city. As of January 1, 2007, the state of California has the sole authority to grant state video franchises pursuant to the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006 (“Act”). Pursuant to the Act, the city of Woodland shall receive a franchise fee and shall receive a fee for public, educational and government (“PEG”) purposes from all state video franchise holders operating within the city. Additionally, the city has the responsibility to establish and enforce penalties, consistent with state law, against all state video franchise holders operating within the city for violations of customer service standards, but the Act grants all authority to adopt customer service standards to the state. The Act leaves unchanged the city’s authority to regulate the city’s current cable franchise in accordance with this chapter and the cable franchise currently in effect, until such time as the cable franchisee no longer holds a city franchise or is no longer operating under a current or expired city franchise. (Ord. No. 1480, § 2.)