Sec. 8A.500. Financial disclosures of independent consultant.

Any individual, partnership or corporation employed by the city for the purposes of advising the city, its council, commissions, city manager or staff, on matters relating to cable television, or reviewing and evaluating, or assisting the city in reviewing and evaluating, proposals for the construction and operation of a cable television system(s), or regulating, or assisting the city in regulating, a cable television system, shall as a term condition of their employment, file within ten days of the date of employment with the city clerk a statement concerning:
(a) A listing and description of any financial and/or ownership held by the consultant in any cable television company, and subsidiary or affiliate of any cable television company, any company which is a supplier or customer of any cable television company, or in other company which owns stock or has any interest in any of those types of companies which are described in this section. If the consultant is a partnership, the financial and/or ownership interest in cable television companies affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, and customers of any partner must be disclosed. If the consultant is a corporation, the financial and/or ownership interests in cable television companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers and customers of any shareholder, officer or directors must be disclosed.
(b) A listing and description of any cable television company, affiliate, subsidiary, supplier or customer which the consultant has represented, on a compensated or non-compensated basis, within the last fifteen years.
(c) The statement filed pursuant to this section shall be a public document open to inspection by any person. Failure to file this statement, or the inclusion of a material misrepresentation or omission within the statement, shall constitute grounds for the city's termination of the employment contract. This provision shall not apply to individuals who are subject to the reporting requirements of the “Political Reform Act of 1974” (California Government Code Sections 81008, et seq.) under the local conflict of interest code if the disclosures required by the code are substantially similar to those of this section. (Ord. No. 1097, § 1 (part).)