Sec. 8A.380. Systems review.

To provide for technological, economic and regulatory changes in the state of the art of cable communications, to facilitate renewal procedures, to promote the maximum degree of flexibility in the cable system, and to provide on a continuing basis, an advanced, modern system, grantor and grantee shall comply with the following system and services review provisions:
(a) At grantor's sole option, grantor and grantee may hold a system and services review session on or about the third anniversary date of the franchise ordinance or agreement between grantor and grantee granting a franchise. Subsequent system review sessions may be scheduled by grantor each three years thereafter.
(b) Topics for discussion and review at the system and services review sessions shall include, but shall not be limited to, services provided, application of new technologies, system performance, programming (including access opportunities), subscriber complaints, user complaints, rights of privacy, amendments to the franchise, underground processes and developments in the law.
(c) Either grantor or grantee may select additional topics for discussion at any review session.
(d) Not later than sixty days after the conclusion of each system and services review session, grantor may issue findings, including specifically a listing of any cable services not then being provided that are considered technically and economically feasible. Subject to applicable state and federal law and upon an affirmative showing by grantor that such services are technically and economically feasible grantor may request grantee to provide such services within a reasonable time, under reasonable conditions. Failure to provide such requested services may be considered a breach of the franchise, subject to remedies as provided in this chapter. (Ord. No. 1097, § 1 (part).)