Sec. 8A.260. Rights reserved to the city.

(a) There is reserved to the city every right and power which is required to be herein reserved or provided by any law and grantee, by its acceptance of the franchise, agrees to be bound thereby and to comply with any action or requirements of the city in its exercise of such rights or powers, heretofore or hereafter enacted or established.
(b) Nothing herein shall be deemed or construed to impair, enhance or affect, in any way, to any extent, the right of the city to acquire the property of grantee, either by purchase or through the exercise of the right of eminent domain, at a fair and just value, which shall not include any amount for the franchise itself or for any of the rights or privileges granted, and nothing herein contained shall be construed to contract away or to modify or abridge, whether for a term or in perpetuity, the city's right of eminent domain.
(c) Neither the granting of any franchise nor any provision hereon shall constitute a waiver or bar to the exercise of any governmental right or power to the city.
(d) In the event that the Federal Communications Commission elects to deregulate any area of cable communication over which it currently exercises jurisdiction, or grant authority to municipalities to regulate in these areas, any franchise issued pursuant to this chapter shall be automatically amended, without any additional act by any party to it, to reflect such deregulation or grant of municipal regulatory powers, and the city may, if it so elects, adopt rules and regulations in those areas.
(e) The council may do all things which are necessary and convenient in the exercise of its jurisdiction under this chapter. The city manager, with the approval of the city attorney, is authorized and empowered to adjust, settle or compromise any controversy or charge arising from the operations of any grantee under this chapter, on behalf of the city, in the best interest of the public. Either grantee or any member of the public who may be dissatisfied with the decision of the city manager may appeal the matter to the council for hearing and determination. The council may accept, reject or modify the decision of the city manager, and the council may, on behalf of the city, adjust, settle or compromise any controversy or cancel any charge arising from the operations of grantee or from any provisions of this chapter. (Ord. No. 1097, § 1 (part).)