Sec. 8A.240. Acceptance of the franchise.

(a) No franchise granted under this chapter shall become effective for any purpose unless and until written acceptance thereof shall have been filed with the city clerk. Written acceptance, which shall be in the form and substance approved by the city attorney, shall also be and operate as an acceptance of each and every term and condition and limitation contained in this chapter, or in such franchise, or otherwise as herein specified.
(b) The written acceptance shall be filed by grantee not later than 12:01 P.M. of the thirtieth day following the effective date of the ordinance, resolution or agreement granting such franchise.
(c) In default of the filing of such written acceptance as required in this section, grantee shall be deemed to have rejected and repudiated the franchise. Thereafter, the acceptance of grantee shall not be received nor filed by the city clerk. Grantee shall have no rights, remedies or redress in the franchise unless and until the council, by resolution, shall determine that such acceptance is received or filed, and then upon such terms and conditions as the council may impose. (Ord. No. 1097, § 1 (part).)