Sec. 8A.040. Subscriber complaints.

Excepting circumstances beyond grantee's control such as acts of God, riots and civil disturbances, and in providing the foregoing services, grantee shall:
(a) Limit cable communications system failures to minimum time duration by locating and correcting malfunctioning promptly, but in no event longer than twenty-four hours after occurrence, irrespective of holidays or other nonbusiness hours.
(b) Upon any complaint by a subscriber as to signal quality which is not resolved by grantee within fifteen days and upon written request by the city manager, grantee shall within seven days make a demonstration satisfactory to the city manager that a signal is being delivered which is of sufficient strength and quality to meet the standards set forth in the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.
(c) Render efficient service, making repairs promptly and interrupting service only for good cause and for the shortest time possible. Planned interruptions, insofar as possible, shall be preceded by notice given to subscribers twenty-four hours in advance and shall occur during periods of the minimum use of the cable communications system.
(d) Maintain an office in the city, which office shall be open during all usual business hours, with its telephone number listed in directories of the telephone company serving the city, and be so operated that complaints and requests for repairs or adjustments may be received at any time, day or night, seven days a week, or provide a local telephone directory listing and “toll free” telephone service maintained on a seven-day, twenty-four-hour basis for the receipt of consumer complaints.
(e) Maintain a written record, or “log,” listing dates of all service calls of customer complaints identifying the subscriber and describing the nature of the complaint, and when and what action was taken by grantee in response thereto; such record shall be kept at grantee's local office, for a period of five years from the date of complaint, and shall be available for inspection during regular business hours without further notice or demand, by the city manager. (Ord. No. 1097, § 1 (part).)