Sec. 8A.030. Services provided by initial system.

The cable communications system permitted to be installed and operated under this chapter shall:
(a) Be operationally capable of relaying to subscriber terminals those television and radio broadcast signals for the carriage of which grantee is now or hereafter authorized by the Federal Communications Commission;
(b) Be constructed with two-way capability from the date of system initiation;
(c) Distribute color television signals which are received in color;
(d) Provide at least one channel, without charge, for exclusive use by the city to the extent demonstrated to be necessary by the city. When such channel is not in use by the city, grantee has the right to use the channel for programming of general interest. The agent designated by the city will notify grantee of the hours it intends to use the channel. Grantee will not preempt the city's programming without the city's prior approval. (Ord. No. 1097, § 1 (part).)