Sec. 8A.020. Franchise to install and operate.

(a) A nonexclusive franchise to install, construct, operate and maintain a cable communications system on streets within all or a specific portion of the city may be granted by the city to any person, whether operating under an existing franchise, who or which offers to furnish and provide such cable communications system under and pursuant to the terms and provisions of this chapter.
(b) No provision of this chapter may be deemed or construed as to require the granting of a franchise when in the option of the city it is in the public interest to restrict the number of grantees to one or more.
(c) When and in the event that grantee of any franchise granted under this chapter uses in its cable communications system distribution channels furnished to grantee by a telephone company pursuant to tariff or contract on file with a regulatory body having jurisdiction and grantee makes no use of the streets independent of such telephone-company-furnished facilities, grantee shall be required to comply with all of the provisions hereof as a “licensee” and in such event whenever the term “grantee” is used herein it shall be deemed to mean and include “licensee.” (Ord. No. 1097, § 1 (part).)