Sec. 6A-3-10. Application of affordable housing ordinance.

The requirements contained in this chapter shall apply to all new residential projects located within all existing or new areas of the city, except as noted in this section.
(a) Southeast Area Specific Plan. For residential projects located on parcels designated for residential use by the southeast area specific plan (“SEASP”), in the event of a conflict between the provisions of this chapter and the SEASP, the applicable provisions of the SEASP shall control. However, residential projects located on parcels within the SEASP that are rezoned for residential use shall be subject to all requirements and provisions of this chapter.
(b) Spring Lake Specific Plan. The affordable housing ordinance shall regulate development of affordable housing in the Spring Lake specific plan (“SLSP”) except to the extent that a specific provision or regulation in the SLSP conflicts with the affordable housing ordinance. In this event, the SLSP shall control. Where the SLSP is silent or ambiguous, the provisions of this chapter shall apply directly for the purpose of interpretation, as appropriate.
(c) Publicly Subsidized Projects. For residential projects that receive local, state or federal subsidy with requirements and regulations differing from this chapter, the stricter provisions pertaining to affordability shall prevail. (Ord. No. 1393, § 3 (part).)