Sec. 6-3-8. Suspension and revocation of permit.

A grading permit shall be suspended or revoked by the community development director or building official or city engineer if any of the following conditions occur:
(1) Conditions at the site vary appreciably from those considered in the CEQA clearance.
(2) Construction does not conform to the approved grading plan the CEQA clearance and other conditions and requirements imposed on the grading operations.
(3) The site is left in a condition hazardous to the public or to the adjacent properties, and permittee does not comply with reasonable requirements to correct said conditions.
(4) The permittee does not comply with reasonable requirements to safeguard workmen, the public, or property.
(5) The permittee, in connection with the operations for which the permit was issued, fails to operate equipment properly on public roads or allows material to encroach, obstruct, or be deposited within a public road right-of-way or within a drainage channel in a manner not authorized by said permit, or causes the unauthorized obstruction or diversion of drainage channels.
(6) The permittee fails to have a qualified inspector, working under the supervision of a registered civil engineer, on the site during operations when so required by the permit or fails to have the work under proper supervision at all times.
(7) Emergency conditions exist on the site, which constitute a threat to health, safety, or public welfare. (Ord. No. 1353, § 2 (part).)