Sec. 6-3-11. Violations.

In addition to the remedies already provided for in this article, the city may seek, in addition to all other remedies at law, including civil injunctive relief, remedies that include the imposition of fines, nuisance abatement, and reimbursement of the costs of enforcement.
Sec. 6-3-11-1 Infraction. Violations of this article are an infraction. A conviction of an infraction shall only be punishable by fine as follows: Upon a first conviction, a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ; by fine not exceeding two hundred dollars for the second conviction within one year; and by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars for any subsequent conviction within one year.
Sec. 6-3-11-2 Public nuisance. The violation of this article is hereby declared a public nuisance and may be abated in the manner provided by the city municipal code. (Ord. No. 1353, § 2 (part).)