Sec. 5A.4. Application for license; fees; investigations.

(a) All applications for bingo licenses or renewals of bingo licenses shall be accompanied by a fee of fifty dollars. If an application for a license or renewal of a license is denied, one-half of the fee paid shall be refunded to the organization.
(b) The community development director shall verify that the organization applying is authorized to conduct bingo games as set forth in this chapter and shall verify that the place where bingo games will be conducted is owned or leased by it or donated to it and that the property is used by such organization for an office or for performance of the purposes for which the organization is organized.
(c) The community development director shall forward the application to the chief of police who shall verify that:
(1) The conduct of such bingo games at the times and the place indicated will not disturb the peace of the neighborhood and will not create substantial traffic or parking problems; and
(2) Neither the applying organization nor any person listed in the application has violated any laws or regulations of the city regarding building, fire, health or safety, and that the applicant has not knowingly and with intent to deceive made any false, misleading or fraudulent statement of facts in the application, or in any of the documents required in conjunction with the application. (Ord. No. 1074, (part).)