Sec. 5.4. Same--Issuance and term of licenses; records of chief of police; inspection of bicycles.

(a) The chief of police shall issue a license provided by the state pursuant to the provisions of Vehicle Code sections 39,000 and following, except that a license shall not be issued to a nonresident owner of a bicycle who resides in a city or county which has adopted a bicycle licensing ordinance pursuant to the Vehicle Code sections. The fee for issuance of such license shall be based upon the number of whole years remaining before such license expires, provided that a portion of a year exceeding six months shall be counted as a whole year. The fee for issuance of such license shall be equal to one dollar for each such year and portion thereof exceeding six months. Provided, further, that if the application is made less than six months before the expiration date of the state issued license plate, a minimum fee of one dollar shall be charged.
(b) The chief of police shall not issue a license for any bicycle when he knows or has reasonable ground to believe that the applicant is not the owner of or entitled to possession of such bicycle.
(c) The chief of police shall keep a record of the license number, the serial number of the bicycle, the make, type, and model of the bicycle, the name and address of the owner to whom the license is issued and a record of all bicycle license fees collected for such bicycle. The record shall be maintained during the period of validity of the license so issued, or upon notification that the bicycle is no longer to be operated.
(d) The chief of police or an officer assigned such responsibility shall inspect each bicycle before licensing the same and shall refuse a license for any bicycle which he determines is in unsafe mechanical condition, or fails to have all the required safety equipment. (Ord. No. 633, § 1; Ord. No. 839, § 2, Ord. No. 873, § 1; Ord. No. 881, § 1.)