Sec. 4.4. Same--Application; fee; issuance or denial of permit.

The applicant for a permit to conduct a public auction of jewelry shall make application therefor not less than thirty days previous to the intended auction to the city clerk, and at the time of such application shall pay a minimum filing fee of twenty-five dollars. Such application shall be in writing on forms provided by the city clerk and under oath, showing all the facts in regard to the closing out of the applicant's business, and showing all the facts in regard to conducting the sale at public auction and the place of conducting the same, including an inventory of the goods, wares and merchandise to be sold at the proposed sale, the quality, quantity and grade of each item, the wholesale value thereof, and a statement of the names of the persons from whom the jewelry so to be sold was obtained, the date of the delivery of such jewelry to the person applying for the permit, and the place from which such jewelry was last taken and all details necessary to fully identify the jewelry, together with such other information as may be required by the city clerk. Such application shall specify the proposed period of time over which such proposed sales at public auction shall continue.
Upon receipt of such application, the city clerk shall refer the same to the chief of police for investigation and report.
After receipt of the report of the chief of police, if the city clerk shall be satisfied that the applicant and the person who is to conduct the proposed auction sale of jewelry are of good moral character, that the proposed auction sale is for the purpose of disposing of the applicant's stock in trade and closing out his business, that the jewelry proposed to be sold at the public auction is a bona fide part of the applicant's stock in trade and not secured, purchased or brought into his place of business for or in anticipation of the proposed sale, that neither applicant nor any of its officers, directors or members have violated this chapter, and that the advertising and conducting of such sale will not be injurious to the peace, health, safety or welfare of the people of the city, he may issue a revocable permit to the person applying for the same to advertise and conduct a sale at public auction, upon the applicant's filing the bond provided for in section 4.3 of this Code.
The making of any abnormal purchase by the applicant within a period of six months prior to the application for a permit under this chapter shall prima facie be deemed made for the purpose of disposing of the same at such proposed pubic auction and shall be just cause for denial of the permit.
The city clerk in considering the application and the attending facts shall exercise a reasonable and sound discretion in granting or denying the permit applied for. (Ord. No. 462, § 3.)