Sec. 3-4-8. Failure to comply with standards or conditions.

(a) If the permit holder fails to meet any of the zoning administrator permit conditions of approval or any other applicable regulations for the keeping animals the zoning administrator shall so notify the permit holder in writing within three calendar days of discovery of the failure to comply. The written notice shall advise the permit holder of any existing deficiency and the corrective measures that must be taken and completed to bring the site into compliance with the conditions or standards.
(b) The permit holder shall be given no more than thirty calendar days and no less than fourteen calendar days to complete the corrective measures, except that if any deficiency threatens the health or welfare of the animal kept or of the public, such corrective measures shall be made immediately or no later than one day after the discovery of the deficiency.
(c) Failure to correct the noted deficiencies as required shall be deemed failure to comply with the standards and conditions and shall be considered cause for revocation of the permit and considered cause for animal nuisance abatement. (Ord. No. 1323, (part).)