Sec. 3-4-6. Permits and applications.

The permissive keeping of animals as described in Section 3-4-4 shall be permitted as follows:
Submit application for zoning administrator permit and obtain approval. Applications for such permits shall require payment of processing fees if applicable. Following an investigation, public hearing and report of the zoning administrator, a permit may be issued with such conditions as deemed necessary to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
Zoning administrator permit applications shall include the following:
(a) Physical Site Improvements. Site plan showing existing and proposed improvements including residence, property line fencing, accessory structures, enclosure location, animal shelters, pens, stables, etc.
(b) Management Plan. The applicant's plans for animal waste management and/or disposal, waste water disposal, odor and vector control, dust, erosion and sedimentation control and other measures proposed by the applicant to insure that the animals will not be a nuisance to residents and other land uses in the vicinity.
(c) Other. Such other and further information as is deemed necessary to administer the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. No. 1323, (part).)