Sec. 2-7-86. Powers and duties.

The commission on aging shall have the following powers, functions and duties:
(1) To act as advisory body to the city council by studying, evaluating, and making recommendations on grant and program proposals affecting the well being of senior citizens' programs in the city;
(2) To define unmet needs of senior citizens and to identify ways to meet these needs;
(3) To identify and inventory various services available to senior citizens;
(4) To disseminate information to senior citizens regarding the availability and uses of the various activities and services;
(5) To lend strength and support to existing programs;
(6) To discuss and recommend appropriate action on all legislative bills concerning senior citizens;
(7) To recommend and coordinate senior citizens' programs or services of general interest, including, but not limited to, nutrition, transportation, health, housing and recreation;
(8) To act as advisory body to the city council concerning the operation and maintenance of the senior center;
(9) To review the portion of the city budget related to senior programs as developed by the department staff and make recommendations to the city council. (Ord. No. 1239, § 2 (part): Ord. No. 1035, § 9 (part).)