Sec. 2-7-57. Termination for absences.

(a) The appointment of any trustee absent from three consecutive regular or special meetings without approval of the library board of trustees, confirmed by majority vote of the board, shall be terminated and the city clerk notified thereof.
(b) The city clerk then shall notify any member whose appointment has been terminated and report to the city council that a vacancy exists on said board and that an appointment should be made for the unexpired term.
(c) A trustee may be granted a leave of absence by the city council, and a temporary vacancy shall thereupon exist for the period of such leave of absence. During the period of such temporary vacancy, the council may fill such vacancy by a temporary appointment to said board, provided, however, that the period of such temporary appointment shall not exceed the period of the temporary vacancy. At the expiration of a leave of absence so granted, the member shall automatically resume full and permanent membership on said board. (Ord. No. 1044, § 2 (part).)