Sec. 2-7-21. Powers and duties.

The planning commission shall:
(1) Assist in developing and maintaining the general plan;
(2) Assist in developing such specific plans as may be necessary or desirable;
(3) On or before March 1st of each year, review and make recommendations to the council concerning the deletion, addition and priority of items in the city’s capital improvement program;
(4) Recommend to the council the initiation of ordinances, resolutions, agreements, or programs concerning planning matters;
(5) During April of each year, a commission representative shall appear before the city council to report on work accomplished in the past year and to outline work to be done in the coming year. Such report, at the discretion of the council, also may be required to be submitted in writing;
(6) Perform such other functions as the council and the law may provide. (Ord. No. 935, § 2 (part).)