Sec. 2-7-13. Powers and duties.

The board of building appeals shall have such powers and duties set forth in the Uniform Building Code, the Uniform Mechanical Code, the Uniform Electrical Code, the Uniform Plumbing Code and the Uniform Fire Code, as amended from time to time, and may recommend to the council such new legislation as is consistent therewith. Actions of the board in the execution of such powers and duties shall be reviewable by the city council, which reserves the right to affirm, reverse or modify any such act of the board as the council may deem just or equitable. The board shall inform the planning commission of actions which may affect the planning program of that commission. In addition, during April of each year, a board representative shall appear before the city council to report on work accomplished in the past year and to outline work to be done in the coming year. Such report, at the discretion of the council, also may be required in writing. (Ord. No. 935, § 2.)