Sec. 2-1-4. Meetings to be public—Exception for closed sessions.

All regular and special meetings of the city council shall be public. However, the city council may hold closed sessions during a regular or special meeting, from which the public may be excluded, for the purpose of considering matters that are authorized to be considered in closed session pursuant to the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code Section 54950, et seq. (hereinafter “the Brown Act”)). No member of the city council, employee of the city, or any other person present during any closed session of the council shall disclose to any person the content or substance of any discussion which took place during the closed session unless the city council authorizes the disclosure of the information by affirmative vote of at least three council members, and any person making such an unauthorized disclosure shall be subject to prosecution for a misdemeanor. (Ord. No. 935, § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1317, § 2 (part).)