Sec. 2-1-18. Addressing the council.

(a) Manner of Addressing Council. Each person desiring to address the council at a meeting shall first be encouraged, but not required, to fill out a speaker card on which to state his or her full name and home address. When the person’s name is called, he or she shall step to the microphone at the lectern, state his or her name, state whether he or she resides in the city, state the subject he or she wishes to discuss, and state whom he or she is representing if he or she represents an organization or other persons. The time for each speaker to address the council shall be limited to three minutes. The presiding officer may grant additional time to any speaker, but such action may be appealed to the full council. All remarks shall be addressed to the council as a whole and not to an individual member. No question shall be asked a council member or a member of the city staff without the permission of the presiding officer.
(b) Spokesperson for Group of Persons. In order to expedite matters and to avoid repetitious presentations, whenever any group of persons wishes to address the council on the same subject matter, the presiding officer may request that a spokesperson be chosen by the group to address the council and, in case additional matters are to be presented by any other member of the group, to limit the number of persons addressing the council.
(c) Germane Comments. No person will be permitted during the hearing to speak about matters of present evidence that is not germane to the matter being considered. A determination of relevance shall be made by the presiding officer, but may be appealed to the full council.
(d) After Closing of Public Hearing. After a public hearing is closed by the presiding officer after stating that “if there is no objection by a council member, the public hearing is closed,” or the public hearing is closed upon motion, second, and majority vote of the council, no member of the public shall address the council from the audience on the matter under consideration unless the public hearing is re-opened upon motion, second, and majority vote of the council. (Ord. No. 935, § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1317, § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1385, § 3.)