Water Meter Project

In January 2006, a state law became effective that required water suppliers to install water meters and charge for water services based on the actual volume of water delivered. Specifically, by January 1, 2010, the City was required to install water meters on service connections established after 1991 and charge for water based on the meter readings. Beginning Fall of 2010, services with a meter were charged for water based on their consumption as indicated by the meter reading. The City provided several months of sample billing before actual consumption based bills were issued. 

Water meters were installed at every home in Woodland by Fall 2011.  The Utility Engineering Division successfully applied for funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for the implementation of the Phase 2 Water Meter Project.  Phase 2 installed approximately 10,000 meters and transmitters in the City to comply with State requirements.  The City received $14,839,000, of which half was a grant and half was a low interest (2.5%) loan.  This funding will help keep water rates $4 to $5 per month lower for residential rate than if we had not received the Stimulus Funding. 

UPDATE 2013 – Phase 3 Water Meter Project is scheduled to begin in June 2013. Phase 3 will install approximately 300 ¾-inch to 2-inch meters and several 3-inch and 8-inch meters. This is the final phase of the water meter installation project and will mostly include a number of condominium communities and several meter installations that were missed during Phases 1 & 2 of the project.  This will complete the City's water meter installation project and bring the City into compliance with the State’s water usage requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about the water meter project please call Public Works department at (530) 661-5945.

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