The Program

Woodland's potable water is pumped from groundwater. The groundwater contains dissolved salts that are safe to drink but make the water hard, taste bad, and can burn landscaping.

By the time the water is used by residents and businesses and discharged as sewage, the salt levels will almost double that of the potable water. Salts are added from wastes, garbage disposals, cleaning chemicals, and discharge from water softeners.

The City's discharge permit for its wastewater treatment plant was recently renewed by the State. The treated water is discharged to Tule Canal, an agricultural drain. The permit requires the city to take practicable steps to reduce the amount of salt it discharges into the environment.

The cities of Davis and Woodland have proposed a joint water supply project that would minimize the use of the poor quality groundwater. The proposed project will provide a reliable water supply to meet existing and future needs, improve water quality for drinking water purposes, and improve the quality of wastewater effluent to meet anticipated regulatory standards. More information on the project can be found here. The new water supply project is not expected to be online until the year 2017. Until that time, the City is required to do what is practicable to reduce its salt impact on the environment.

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